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All guns were pointed at Ares, he responded “You really want to play with me? OK!!” He raised his right arm and exposed the built-in assault rifle. A stream of bullets washed over the henchmen, filling the bar with smoke. When the smoke cleared, the entire gang laid dead - but so did everything else in the bar. The owner erupted in rage, accusing Ares for the destruction “You freaking douchebag, what have you done!? My life’s work were ruined!” Demanding that Ares pay for the damaged, he unwillingly pulled out a stack of cash from his pocket and handed to the owner. As he exiting, he ask his dog: “Am I really a villain…?”

- [END] -


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Ares was enjoying drinks and cigars with his loyal hound, when a group of gangsters came into the bar and started demanding protection fees from the bar owner. When the owner refused, the leader pulled his gun to the owners head. “Seeing as he has no money, we’ll just take his hand for collateral!”. His henchmen acknowledge the sign and raised their knifes to chop off his hand….

To be continue....

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