• About the comics:

[A Cigarette's Time] is but one of many stories from the ever-expanding universe of 10K & The Kriminal World that we have conceived over several years. More single-issue comic books featuring stories surrounding the wide array of 10K heroes can be readily released, if we are successful in gathering the help and support that we need from all of you, our classy patrons. 


[A Cigarette's Time] is a 22 full-colour pages comic with 3 pages bonus [A God Has Comes] comic.


  • About the story:

In the great gang-infested city of 'Kriminal World', a highly secretive operation known as [Project 10K] has surfaced from its dark underbelly. Rumour has it that [Project 10K} is a 'weapon' of sorts created for the purpose of eradicating every gang in the city. Naturally, most gangs within Kriminal World placed a dead or alive contract on any who's associated with [Project 10K]. 


Here today, two meta-human bred from [Project 10K] - Zeus and Poseidon, appear in an industrial district, where one of them needs to complete a highly dangerous mission before the other finishes a cigarette.

10K & The Kriminal World Comics [A Cigarette's Time] Digital Comic [PDF]

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