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It is a period of terror in the city. For over 10 years, everyone lives under the tyranny and oppression of THE 8 CRIME FAMILIES.   In the name of peace, godfather Don de Karon of the DE KARON FAMILY (one of the EIGHT FAMILIES) enlists legendary scientist Dr. Hayley to create enhanced human to save the world.   But soon the truth is finally revealed -  DE KARON FAMILY plan to take over the world with the meta-humans they created. With much regret, Dr. Hayley decides to right the wrong by unleashing “PROJECT 10K”.....



ZEUS (Age: Unkown, Height: 185cm)
- Nobody cherish life more than a killer! -

No one knows his past, only that he was an elite killer before the enhancement, and he has a hidden history with the powerful underworld.


POSEIDON (Age: 23, Height: 183cm)
- Reputation and honor above my own life! -

Son of the Chairman who runs one of the largest corporations in the city. He will always choose knives over bullets. Lives by a strong sense of justice. Because of a business relationship between members from his family’s business and the gangs, he was caught up in Project 10K and joined as one of the 10K members.


HADES (Age: 38, Height: 215cm)
- My fists are my truth! -

The guardian of 10K and has a pair of indestructible mechanical arms, which can throw strikes at immense speed. Originally an underground boxer, his son got kidnapped during a gang retaliation mission and has been searching for his missing son every since.


HEPHAESTUS (Age: 69 , Height: 153cm)
Since time began, to die who can decline? Through history books in glory, let our crimson hearts shine! -

A Chinese martial art master and owns a martial arts dojo in the city. He was almost killed after an ambush by the Chinese triad and injected himself with the enhancement agent to save his life and became a member of 10K.


APOLLO (Age: 28, Height: 193cm)
 - No one is innocent in my sight! -

Sniper of 10K. Originally a small figure in the gang, he was sold out by his superiors and the entire organization believed him to be a traitor. His fiancé is kidnapped and he came across Thanatos while he was being hunted. Knowing that he had no other option, he asked her to inject him with Kurago, becoming a member of 10K.


THANATOS (Age: Unkown, Height: 190cm)
- Good and evil is only a matter of perspectives. -

He was the scientist and family doctor to the De Karon family. He met Dr. Hayley during the [Project 10K] research project and fall in love. One night, after injecting himself with the enhancement agent - his body and soul were drastically transformed every since.


HERCULES (Age: 26, Height: 213cm)
 - Want some candy or bomb (TNT) ? -

Successor to a family-owned bar, was also once Dr.Hayley’s student. Lost his father to a group of bandit drifters who tried to cause trouble in his bar. Not long after, he crossed paths with Dr.Hayley's assistant "Rosa" and dedicated his family’s bar as the temporary safehouse for Project 10K. With no more surviving family, he suggested himself that he should go through the enhancement process to become a 10K member, so that one day he can help those suppressed by the gangs.


PAN (Age: Unkown, Height: 182cm)
- Let drink but I don’t prefer Martini....

The member with the most mysterious background and identity within Project 10K. The close ties between his identity and the government are the only thing that people know about him.


ARES (Age: 31, Height: 168cm)
- Prick, let me come and fix you. -

A professional weapons expert and arms collector with a constant fantasy of being a courageous soldier, to be a vigilante and stand up for the weak. Thanatos was drawn by his reputation and invited Ares to join as a member of Project 10k, telling him that this was the only true way that he become a fighter for the people.

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